Monday, 10 August 2020

E30 [S2:E06] - You’re Being a Little Fauci (or “How to Take the Best Advice Ever”)


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E-Money and the Chisler celebrate 30 episodes of the Weekend Social! And to join in the festivities, they welcome first-timer Chuckles (aka Carlos) to the podcast! E-Money and The Chisler announce an expansion of the podcast championship division and the biggest giveaway in podcast history (video bit:! Then the three discuss weekend weddings, camping, glory holes, drinking during the week, Wheels’s false positive COVID diagnosis, bullshittery afoot, difficulty with wearing a mask, the history behind our show names (and we finally revealing our real ones!!!), zombie cicadas, aggressive drivers in Connecticut, belly bump knock outs, new car fear being exposed on the radio, doing the business and finding a four foot corn snake in the toilet, the best advice you’ve ever received, Robot ReggaeTron, acting, West Side Story, RIP Charles Barkley the fish, drunk stories, mysterious Chinese packages and supposed duppies! After another round of “What’s in The Box?!”, E-Money and Chuckles square off in the battle of nicknames in “And You Know This! Man!!!”

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•Show Nuts•

Colorado woman ‘terrified’ to discover 4-foot snake slither out of apartment toilet

'Zombie cicadas' under the influence of a mind controlling fungus have returned to West Virginia

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9 Best Pieces of Life Advice I Have Ever  Received

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