Sunday 15 September 2019

E08 - Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind (or “The Case of The Girthy Two”)

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The World Huskyweight Tag Team Champions of Podcasting, E-Money and The Chisler, welcome back The Watcher for his second appearance! The three chat about Creature, Legos, smoked brisket, Russians versus Belarussians, binge watching, apologizing to Bachelor Nation, lacrosse activities, Wheel’s broken leg, Chisler’s inability to perform car maintenance, the bad ideas surrounding the storm of Area 51, the floating man, a jogger’s death in an ironic location, a bridesmaid makes the most of wearing what she wants, what the Chisler saw in his rearview mirror, E-Money’s hiking accident, the Watcher’s Mandingo-sized LEGO collection, and the Chisler comes clean about prank at the Watcher’s house. In the final segment, what does fate have in store for the Watcher and E-Money for trivia? Find out in the shocking, double-cross ending!!!

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Wednesday 4 September 2019

E07 - If Podcasting Taught Me Anything... (or “The Case of The Runover Foot”)

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The World Husky Weight Tag Team Podcasting Champions return with a brand new guest host, High Gravity! E-Money and the Chisler are surprised by our new friends over at From the Earth Brewing Co. ( who send over some amazing food and killer beers to enjoy for the night— thanks again, guys!!! The three guys discuss Chisler’s bricked iPhone, kayaking, mermaids on the river, Buffalo Wings, drinking games for Monday Might Football, Ohio State College, wrestling belts, Bachelor In Paradise (with Chisler advocating on behalf of #BachelorNation), funk, the neo-funk band The Heavy, models making their contribution to the craft beer movement, whether E-Money REALLY ran over High Gravity’s foot, E-Money’s brewing attempt and the Chisler’s embarrassing beard trimming accident. In the final segment, High Gravity lives up to his name and takes on the deadliest game in podcasting, Chisler’s List! Will he and E-Money be the ones to take down the undefeated trivia game?

Check out our good friends at From The Earth Brewing Company— if you are ever near the Roswell area, you owe it to yourself to stop by and enjoy the best food and drink in town!

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