Sunday 14 July 2019

E04 - The Last Gold Bond Jedi (or “The Case of the Missing $175K”)

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E-Money and The Chisler return from the summer holidays to welcome their guest host, The Watcher! The three discuss the upcoming four-way death-isode with The Happening and Honey Badger, Ohio’s crop status (knee-high?), air swimming, fatherhood, Money Claw Mandingos, Finland’s two most notable exports (knitting and heavy metal) coming together, doors open on an armored car on I-285 and the morning commute lottery, Rip Torn is now officially dead, a semi truck carrying 40K bees crashing in Bozeman Montana, parenting advice, E-Money saves the Chisler from the brutal heat, the Watcher’s incontinence incident, urinal science and outdoor facilities. In the final segment, a BRAND NEW trivia game is debuted, pitting E-Money against The Watcher to determine who has the greater wealth of trivial knowledge!

(In memory of our dear friend, The Jew)

Show nuts:
Finland's Heavy Metal Knitting Championship Is The Real Purl Jam

Drivers stopped on an Atlanta interstate to grab $175,000 in cash that fell out of an armored truck

Rip Torn, actor best known for 'Men in Black' and 'The Larry Sanders Show,' dies at 88

A semi-truck crashed carrying 40,000 pounds of bees

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