Sunday 28 July 2019

E05 - The Four Way Deathisode (or “Being Cesar Millaned”)

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The Chisler and E-Money welcome their lovely wives, The Happening and the much discussed Honey Badger, for a cage exhibition match of biblical podcasting proportions! The four chat about video games, flip-cupping, going to the drive-in, E-Money’s garage renovation, Six Flags, undercover cops busting motorists using their phones, their mounts, Missy Elliot’s new album, Alexa apparently saving a woman from domestic assault, a suspect gives himself away, R Kelly continues to be a pedophile douche bag, shoe ads, shared bug fear, Cesar Millan-ing spouses, choosing your battles and sage marital advice. In the shocking final segment, the Chisler introduces a twist, allowing the Honey Badger and the Happening to name the trivia games they will play to close out the show— will one of them dare to take on the deadliest game in podcasting, Chisler’s List?!

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