Wednesday 14 August 2019

E06 - What’s With Curry? (or “The Case of The Instafamous Octopus”)

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The first official guest host on The Weekend Social returns to the podcasting squared circle! Mr. Clean joins E-Money and The Chisler as they discuss the impending school year, weekend plans, a face-hugging octopus in the State of Washington, millennial men hijacking Money Claws, Anheuser-Busch’s current financial situation,  pre-war renovations leading to unexpected big returns, banning scooters after hours, game of thrones, ulcers, Mr. Clean’s super power, Chisler submitting his resignation and the reasons why, Mr. Clean tells the tale of his trip with E-Money to Key West... and the Chisler takes bad advice from Mashable for the cooler! In the final segment, Mr. Clean will shock you with his trivia game selection— and the Chisler adds a new twist that will change the most dangerous game in podcasting forever!

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•Show Nuts•
Woman sent to hospital after posing with octopus on face

Home renovation unearthed hidden beer cans worth thousands of dollars

After 4 Fatalities, Atlanta Bans E-Scooters At Night

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