Friday 20 December 2019

E14 - Puppies Don’t Land On Their Feet (or “The Case of Euchre’s Mysterious Demise”)

🕎🎄🎁We hope you have a Happy Holiday season! 🎁🎄✡️

Before taking a break for Christmas, the World Husky Weight Tag Team Podcast Champions, E-Money and The Chisler, welcome back third-time guest host, The Tazmann, and newcomer Double D to the Weekend Social! The four gentlemen discuss upcoming Christmas plans, a potential Euchre comeback, long drives, long poop breaks, poo-pourri, karmic deer dentures, overnight stays at Bed Bath & Beyond, the Chisler calling a grand jury on FOUR music acts (Lewis Capaldi, One Direction, Shawn Mendes / Camilla Cabella, Imagine Dragons) in his new segment, a shout out to Owen Denvir ( or @OwenDenvir), listener emails from the Chisler Challenge (🤙👋Brandon, Shahab, Cole, Carlos and Patrice🤜🤛), the culture shock of moving to the South from the Bronx, Bruce Springsteen, De Niro vs Pacino, supporting Tazmann, questionable statements in front of senior leaders, career growth, Petunia (Tazmann’s pig), love/hate relationships, dog fighting, parenting kids and fur babies, and insuring teenage drivers.

In the main event, the Tag Team podcast championship belts are on the line for a FOURTH time— can E-Money and The Chisler hold onto the belts? A surprising move from Double D could change EVERYTHING! Take a listen to find out!

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Bathroom sign says employees must have 'smell check' to ensure 'not sitting on phone' for too long

How Francis Wharton made his dentures from deer's teeth

Teen runaway found ‘’camping’’ inside Bed, Bath & Beyond

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