Friday 6 December 2019

E13 - Australian for Energon (or “The Case of ASMR”)

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The World Husky Weight Podcasting Tag Team Champs, E-Money and The Chisler, welcome back TWO amazing, badass guest hosts to the podcast, ReggaeTron and The Watcher! After chatting about patois, Thanksgiving plans, the four discuss twelve year old scotch, Daddy Badger, engagement news, Bob Marley conspiracies, Jerk Chicken, Florida sun, establishing dominance with house guests, E-Money’s back, coaching basketball, Grief Burrito Podcast shoutout, if medically dying completes a prison life sentence, a Jamaican parable, a new bishop in the church of pinching pennies, whether “Florida dogs” are smarter than “Florida Man”, Friendsgiving, whether playing Dungeons and Dragons is acceptable (shout outs to Dungeon Run and Critical Roll on YouTube), the in-laws, home inspectors, and gas leaks...

...But in the final segment, The Watcher and ReggaeTron challenge the World Podcast Tag Team Champs for the belts for their 3rd title defense! Will they succeed? Tune in for the exciting, nail-biting main event! 

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•Show Nuts•
A convicted murderer who momentarily died says his life sentence has been served

Valley man cashes in more than 1 million pennies that were used to build giant pyramid

Florida dog trapped in car drives in circles for an hour

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