Friday, 7 February 2020

E17 - Any is Too Many (or “The Case of The Missing Eyebrow”)

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The Weekend Social, the only podcast to feature the Husky Weight Podcasting Tag Team Champions of the World, returns with a brand new guest host, Inspectah Tech! E-Money, The Chisler and Inspectah Tech talk about the video game industry, Georgia tax credits for entertainment, reverse engineering, dog surgery, blank slates, sweet sixteen parties, lacrosse, The Bachelor (Chisler live tweets during the show, #BachelorNation), car damage done by squirrels, a man’s butt crack sewn together, interview tips, the Chisler’s connection to @G00K0, where NOT to hide your drugs (via @FHPPanhandle), Inspectah Tech’s car being searched, credit due to older siblings, working in the video game industry, sharing with the neighbors, squirrel ghosts, and E-Money’s impromptu trip to Nashville with Tire King. In the main event, E-Money finally has the power to pick the game of his choice, and the unprecedented ending will SHOCK you (at level 4)!

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•Show Nuts•
Pittsburgh woman finds 200 walnuts and squirrel's nest under hood of her car

TBone Had His Butt Cheeks Sewn Together and Now Has No Butt Crack

Man draws on missing eyebrow for job interview hoping boss wouldn't notice

Florida troopers find narcotics in bag labeled ‘Bag Full of Drugs’

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