Monday 13 April 2020

E22 - You Down With PPP?! (or “The Case of The Schvitz Towel”)

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Original Intro music:
“Man Behind The Curtain” by The Chisler

Continuing the Weekend Social Distancing, E-Money and The Chisler welcome back the unofficial voice of reason to The Weekend Social, Saul Goodman! The three discuss refinishing furniture, drama on Roswell Nextdoor, cooking at home, idling cars, climate change, TrumpBama stimulus, controversial methods for curing hemorrhoids, The Colonel savagely reviewing copy cat recipes on Twitter, the Fulton County District Attorney’s shady behavior, an eventual Cage match between the Howards (the sole powerful force that can ultimately stop the bull-shittery), when unboxing videos go sideways, a chance run in at the airport on the way to the Magic Kingdom, forgetting bring drinks to your wife when sunbathing / distancing, how our kids of various ages are handling these times, binge recommendations (Carnivalè on HBO, The Mandalorian on Disney+, Better Call Saul and Narcos Mexico on Netflix), comparing Nextdoor complaints, and the history of the legendary Schvitz towel. In the main event, marking a 50th anniversary in music history, E-Money and Saul Goodman face off in a contest that hasn’t been seen in 17 episodes, and one of them breaks a record in the trivia contest for the ages! 

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Show Nuts
Doctors Warn Against Putting Potatoes In Your Butt

‘Buns drier than a popcorn fart’: KFC hilariously critiques fried chicken made by Twitter users

Nonprofit meant to stem gang violence used to pay Fulton DA

If You Are Not Watching Dave Portnoy’s Live Unboxing Every Night At 8pm You Are Not Living

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