Friday 3 April 2020

E21 - Weekend Social Distancing (or “The Case of Dirty Poop Knife”)

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Original Intro music: “Climbing Up the Walls” by The Chisler

What does the Weekend Social do in the face of Social Distancing? We adapt, motherfuckers! And we lay the hammer down by welcoming back the fourth time guest host, The Tazmann! Taz, E-Money and The Chisler discuss working from home, adjusting to the new normal, The Brady Bunch, land expansion, business outlook, a Florida black belt who doesn’t take “no” for an answer, how to avoid assault charges, milkshakes, Guinness world records, Pulp Fiction, walnuts, hobbies, acquiring more pigs, acting suspicious at a neighborhood park, weird hygiene in Texas, Double D, no traffic, shopping during the pandemic, puzzles, cabin fever, and teleworking. The three engage in some enlightening debate and ultimately come to 100% agreement that there are so many that are not thanked enough during these trying times! In the main event, E-Money tries to maintain his two episode win streak in a game that hasn’t been played in 5 episodes? Who will reign victorious? And how will prizes be awarded?! It’s a brave new world!

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•Show Nuts•
Black Belt Florida Woman Breaks Boyfriend’s Nose For Refusing Sex, Coughs ‘Coronavirus’ On EMTs
Cape Town restaurant wins Guinness world milkshake record

Martial artist breaks 256 walnuts with his elbow in one minute

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