Tuesday 12 May 2020

E24 - WE NEED BEER (or “The Case of 27 Identically Shaped Puzzle Pieces”)

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Intro Music: “Clothes Don’t Make The Man” by The Chisler
Video Bit Audio Podcast: https://youtu.be/SEaDb92QJd8

With Georgia relaxing social distancing guidelines and leading the charge into stupidity, E-Money returns and joins The Chisler back at the table to welcome The Doctor and mystery tag-team partner, Double-01 (001🍺) to the podcast. The four discuss continued life in quarantine, love hate relationships with puzzles, those fortunate to have worked from home before this whole mess, the “Fuck Me List”, American History X, testing 20 year old predictions, saving the elderly who have run out of essential provisions during quarantine, beer sales on Sunday, the best time to use a fake ID, the National Enquirer, a Colombian drug lord’s plot to kidnap JFK Jr., zoom filters, home renovations over at E-Money’s house, a missing hot tub shipment, an impromptu episode of MTV cribs, The Tire King, embarrassing stories, porch crawlers, gargleblasters, slurricanes, E-Money’s ill fated bartending career, which college has “the biggest party in the country”, binge watching recommendations, a bunch of Star Wars talk, Michael Bublè and other random nuggets. In the main event, E-Money, 001 and The Doctor square off in the trivia battle “And You Know This, Man” to determine who’s the king of knowledge when it comes through drive-thru/take-out service!!! The outcome is unbelievable, unprecedented and underwhelming!!! (Chisler bought shitty scratch offs this week)

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Coors Light answers 93-year-old Pa. woman’s plea for more beer amid coronavirus with 10 cases

How a Colombian Drug Lord May Have Plotted to Kidnap JFK Jr. Before His Death

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