Wednesday, 20 May 2020

E25 [S2:E01] - BOOM SHAKALAKA (or “How to Social Bubble”)

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Intro Music: “Sophia” by The Chisler

Thank you for supporting us as we celebrate one year of the Weekend Social!!! E-Money and The Chisler welcome back Mr. Clean for his legendary 5th appearance! After E-Money and The Chisler talk about the meaning of Season 2 and upcoming segments, the three discuss the stimulus, social bubbling, graduations, underground lacrosse matches, backyard projects, social bubbling, urine to make concrete on the moon, where Chisler sends his bottles of urine, slime in space, National Masturbation Month, extracurricular activities at IKEA China, an appeals complaint leading to an unusual legal disbarment, BOOM SHAKALAKA, the Boom Goes The Dynamite guy, graduation motorcades, virtual swim teams, E-Money’s many home improvements, clarification on Social Bubbling, Michael Bublè strikes back, another embarrassing E-Money story, the three stages of balance, tales of the swine flu, Liu Kang shows up at Cumberland Mall in Georgia (, Brian Kemp thoughts, how Georgia might be seen across the country, outfluencers, and solid T-shirt finds. The Chisler debuts the new segment, “What’s in the Box?!”, E-Money cashes in his white chip for a white claw, and in the Main Event, E-Money and Mr. Clean battle for the biggest prize pool ever given away on The Weekend Social in a trivia contest focused on a topic we can’t even write about! And the finally sees The Chisler make another questionable decision!

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  The Chisler:

•Show Nuts•
Space agency: Human urine could help make concrete on moon

IKEA China reminds people not to masturbate in its stores

‘BOOM SHAKALAKA’ Is Not Response to Bar Complaint, Court Says


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