Friday, 26 June 2020

E27 [S2:E03] - You Pass Go, They Give You A Sheep (or “How to Be Happy in 10 Simple Steps”)

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Original intro music: “And The American Way” by The Chisler

Video Bits Audio Podcast:

On the precipice of Father’s Day, E-Money and The Chisler welcome back the conversational hurricane, Double D! The three discuss social distancing, diving headfirst into the virus pool, upcoming weekend plans, backyard projects, the Sunbelt CannonBall Run, piss training, Ford’s new Bronco release date coincidences, cabin fever/idle hands in Northeast India, a town in Italy offering coronavirus-free homes for $1, monopoly, E-Money’s Just The Tip (or the first ever “E-Money’s List”), meeting up at the Taz-farm, not the first time Tazmann has blown something, an embarrassing Chisler moment at the Hillbilly Hottub, robot ReggaeTron makes an appearance, the Teenage Daugher’s guitar lessons, genealogy, Stay Puft, killing Double D’s last remaining feeling, and career atrophy. Double D and E-Money take a shot at guessing “What’s in the Box?!” before going head to head in a trivia battle focused on NYC! And to top it all off, the Weekend Social’s “Take Your Chances!” board makes it’s second appearance— who gets Chiseled and who emerges the big winner? Tune in to find out!

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•Show Nuts•
New Ford Bronco to debut on O.J. Simpson’s birthday

A man put a cell phone charger up his penis -- it got stuck in his bladder and had to be removed by surgeons

Cinquefrondi: the 'Covid-free' Italian town selling $1 houses

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