Monday 8 June 2020

E26 [S2:E02] - Live Action Mario Kart (or “How to Troubleshoot a Printer”)

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For the second episode of Season 2 of the Weekend Social, E-Money and the Chisler welcome back their beautiful better halves, Honey Badger and The Happening! The four discuss how dealing with E-Money and the Chisler has REALLY been, adopting kids, dealing with puberty during coronavirus, maintaining sanity, backyard projects, a suggestion leading to more work, helping out Teenage Daughter’s stuck car, MarioKart, turtles through windshields on a highway (the green shell), celebrating a 102-year old beating COVID in the most American fashion possible, open roads leading to record smashing the Cannonball Run, Tik Tok, Tony Hawk, Fed Ex, skateboard decks, garbage in/garbage out, “The Printer Incident”, Chisler feeling the aftermath of E25, finally receiving the TrumpBama stimulus money, air fryers, Mother’s Day gifts (video bit 1:, trying out new vacuums, and playing flip cup (video bit 2: After continuing to guess “What’s in The Box?”, the two ladies make a run for the belts as they try to crack Chisler’s List, and then E-Money, The Happening and Honey Badger square off in a three-way death match in a trivia game focused on Disney animated films! Who emerges victorious?! Listen to find out!

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•Show Nuts•
Turtle smashes through Georgia driver’s windshield

‘Feisty Old Polish Grandmother,’ 103, Beats Coronavirus Then Cracks Open A Beer

America’s most illegal record has been obliterated

A delivery driver on TikTok was asked to send Tony Hawk a skateboard from a young fan, and the skater is sending one back

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