Thursday 23 July 2020

E29 [S2:E05] - Sunburns & Something-“ated” (or “How to See The World, 81 Different Ways”)

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Original intro music: “The Early Edition” by The Chisler

You’ve heard Honey Badger, you’ve heard Daddy Badger... E-Money and The Chisler welcome on the third member of the Badger family, Brother Badger! The three discuss in-laws visiting, out chin-upping a teenager,  Robot ReggaeTron v2.0 in process, E30 hype, spilling secrets, going somewhere we can’t talk about, Honey Badger’s ticket, Chisler’s level 10 sunburn, Big Mac thieving seagulls, building the world record Jenga tower, fat people on E-Money’s deck, Notre Dame vs. Ohio State, way too much sports talk, keeping three balloons in the air for over an hour, 81 amazing facts that will change the way you see the world, embarrassing E-Money stories involving an end table hitting Honey Badger, which Badger is more likely (Brother vs Honey), gold bond not a Spencer, hysterical Father’s Day gifts and snapmapping! After guessing “What’s in The Box?!”, the Happy Birthday Sister Chisler!!!, compare sunburns (Video bit: link is coming soon) and comic book knowledge/geekdom! In the main event, Brother Badger takes on E-Money in the Cranial Cage Match involving Batman Villians!

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•Show Nuts•
Man High on Drugs Detained by Police After Biting Seagull

Arizona man stacks 485 Jenga blocks atop a single piece

Man keeps three balloons in the air for over an hour for Guinness record

•Just The Tip•
81 Amazing Facts That Will Change The Way You See The World

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