Sunday 3 November 2019

E11 - The Herbalife of Killin’ Folks (or “The Case of The X-ers”)

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Does your podcast go up to eleven? This one does!!! E-Money and The Chisler are joined by one of Chisler’s long-time friends, Saul Goodman, to crank this muzzle fuzzle up! After a shout out to Chris Smith and responding to an email from White Claw, we get down to business and three discuss gen-x-er-ness, the ars juris, fatherhood, an upcoming Halloween party, skipping beer fests, Reggaetron’s gifts to E-Money and the Chisler, a sub-contract hit in China, regrettable tattoos / regrettable choices when being questioned by police, an unfortunate disorder that is the most interesting form of home brewing ever, The Chisler and Saul Goodman swap poker stories, an embarrassing Chisler story from his “formative” years, and E-Money give us an update on his back...

THEN, a shocking twist forces the Podcast Champs to defend their title for a SECOND time! Who shows up to team up with Saul Goodman? Will the reigning World Husky Weight Tag Team Podcast Champions be dethroned? Is this the end of the Weekend Social Podcast?! Listen to find out the answers to these questions and much more!

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•Show Nuts•
Hesitant hitmen jailed over botched assassination in China

Man with his name tattooed on his throat is arrested for giving fake name

Man Unwittingly Got Drunk After His Gut Brewed Alcohol Due To ‘Auto-Brewery Syndrome’

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