Friday 22 November 2019

OT2: Outtake-isode 2 (or “Social Boogaloo”)

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The Weekend Social brings you the best outtakes from the last seven episodes! Hear your favorite guest hosts like you’ve never heard them before! New and improved! And with new dance moves, bitches!!!

•E06 w/ Mr. Clean•
02-Rock Band
03-Non-binary Tomato
04-I Want My MTV
05-Twist On The Downstroke
06-DBB Weiss
07-Like Trivia To Ulcers

•E07 w/ High Gravity•
01-Drummers vs. Flatters
02-Chinese Costco
03-Senior Limpiar
04-The Hot Towel in the Face
05-Nipple Shots
06-I Thought It Was Lube

•E08 w/ The Watcher•
01-Inverse Friction
02-Drink Pledge
03-Just Doing Research...
04-Secretive, Secretive or Secretive?
05-Booger Bubble
06-Down to Third Base
07-I Live in a Pirate Ship

•E09 w/ ReggaeTron•
01-Oil Can Coincidence
02-Aloha Beaches
03-Farting Inflection Point
04-The ReggaeTron Method
05-Actual Bathroom
06-Rubbing Clay The Wrong Way

•E10 w/ Daddy Badger & Tazmann•
01-Dick in Mouth Neck
02-Mira, Stop It
03-Angels Envy and Fireball
04-I Said Swipe Left!!!
05-Brother Badger
06-You Told This Story...
07-E-Money is Upset

•E11 w/ Saul Goodman•
01-Stay Away From Stan
02-Smart Shark
03-Smelling What Your Steppin’ In
04-Saul Tastes The Claw
05-Stars And Suffering
06-She’s A Dry Guy
07-I’m Happy That You’re Happy

•E12 w/ The Mongoose•
01-Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos
02-Lonely Child
03-This is Not A Negotiation
04-What’s an Arcade?
05-Peeing on Grass

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