Thursday 12 March 2020

OT3 - Outtake-isode 3: Revenge of the Clips (or “The Case of The Stingy Editor”)

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E-Money and The Chisler will be recording the next official episode of the Weekend Social soon, but fear not—it’s time for another batch of hilarious, never before heard clips featuring your favorite guest hosts over the past seven episodes! 

E13 w/ The Watcher & ReggaeTron
1.Jamaican at the Table
2.Watcher Director 1
3.Watcher Director 2
4.Watcher Director 3
6.One Hundred Sided Dice
7. Scratch Off Results

E14 w/ Tazmann & Double D
1.Basketball Diplomacy with Dennis Rodman (The Dog)
2.Youse Guys
3.Lightning Revelation
4.Send a Salami
5.Jeffrey Dahmer is a Sweetie
8.Put on a Huge Tangent
9.Win Bigger

E15 w/ The Mongoose
1.Time and a Place for Everything
2.He’s a Liar
3.The Pole
4.34 Zombie Species
5.E-Money Eye Test
6.Level 4
7.Robot ReggaeTron

E16 w/ Silent J
1.Nut Butter
2.Spit Roasted
3.A Lapdance from Dennis Rodman (The Dog)
4.E-Money’s Impromptu Trivia Game
5.Pound Me Too

E17 w/ Inspectah Tech
1.Back on the Podcast, Dennis Rodman (The Dog)
2.Scotland To New Zealand
3.The Red Dot
4.The Last Time I Cared
5.Vape Clouds from Dennis Rodman (The Dog)
6.The Joker Movie

E18 w/ Mr. Clean & ReggaeTron
1.Mr. Clean Tries Lightning Reaction

E19 w/ E-Money & The Chisler
1.Folically Challenged
2.Daddy Badger
3.The Future Of The Weekend Social

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