Monday 16 March 2020

E20 - Growin’, Not Showin’ (or “The Case of The Exploding Hammers”)

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—Intro Music: “Welcome to The Corps”, written and performed by The Chisler—

The Weekend Social celebrates a tremendous milestone in spectacular ways including our first “Previously on the Weekend Social” recap! The Husky Weight Tag Team Podcasting Champions of the World get down to business and welcome back The Watcher to the show! E-Money gets his custom theme song (“King of the North”), and he, The Chisler and The Watcher discuss upcoming birthdays, Scofflaw seltzers, Coronavirus (of course), wellness checks, Mexican medical treatment, E-Money’s recent unfortunate diagnosis, lacrosse and school cancellations, inspiration coming back at you, another Chris Smith shout out, Pearl Jam’s postponed tour, pigs ingesting fit bits, new pork cooking methods, a festival that fears nothing, breaking the two rules of The Weekend Social when attempting a solo trek across the Antarctic, world records with a Barry Bonds asterisk, beer koozies making Chisler feel inadequate (Video bit:, Teenage Daughter’s prom, Watcher’s watch recommendations (in a time of self-quarantine!), the Bachelor Finale, Creature’s first birthday, board games, and the Watcher tries the SweetWater seltzer (aka carbonated bong water). In the Main Event, The Watcher and E-Money square off in the classic heads up trivia game as the cohost of the Weekend Social seeks his first win. Who will emerge victorious in the battle of taxes?!

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   The Chisler:

•Show Nuts•
Pig sparks farm fire in England after eating, defecating battery-powered pedometer

Coronavirus conference canceled in New York because of coronavirus

Annual 'exploding hammer' festival might be the most dangerous event in Mexico

The first person to cross Antarctica alone and unaided says he pooped his pants less than halfway through — and had to continue using the same underwear for 38 days

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