Monday 2 March 2020

E19 - The Good Kind of Liquid Chemicals (or “The Case of Coronovirus”)

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On the heels of another milestone, E-Money and The Chisler close the doors and sit down at the table themselves to recap their podcast journeys thus far. The two hype episode 20 (mentioned @ryandalton @stevebyrnelive, those guys, Double D, Watcher, Saul Goodman) discuss plans for the weekend, Teenage Daughter playing tennis, extracurricular activities, tax evasion, maturity entering college, switching majors, kids in other states, editing while traveling, new seltzers from a local microbrewery (Thanks so much, Silent Jay & Norma Rae!), our first video bit on an audio podcast (link:, San Antonio shark thefts, coronovirus cures (courtesy of Chris Smith, official Texas delegate of the Weekend Social), Jim Bakker, and how to steal money from people during a time of crisis. During the spotlight, E-Money and The Chisler recap our experiences thus far and what we have learned from the show (in very enlightening ways). And in the trivia segment, E-Money plays “Eh, close enough”— it’s a photo finish! Did he win his first game on the Weekend Social? And will Chisler ever scratch a scratch off?!?!!1!!!

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Thieves snatch shark from San Antonio Aquarium, wheel it out in a baby carriage

TV Preacher Jim Bakker Suggests His $125 Product Kills Coronavirus (COVID-19) and HIV

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